Blended learning is the future of higher education!

We make that seamless with one platform.

It's beyond a learning management system in how we do it!

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Online x Face-to-Face = Blended.

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Plan & Deliver Lectures

Help students learn better & be on-top of your schedules.

Increase interest and participation while receiving feedbacks.
Take attendace too, the smart way!

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Assess your students early and often.

Let improved techniques in polls, quizzes and assignments guide your teaching. Save time with auto-grading, and run secure in-class or remote tests.

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Academic Communications

Take it out of social media & improve learning feedback. Keep students collaborating after class via chat and host virtual after-class sessions whenever, wherever.

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AI-Driven Data-Analytics

Every interaction — lecture rating & attendance, participation, assignments, tests — is automatically captured. Track student learning progress dynamically.

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Open Educational Resources

Updated teaching, learning & research materials for enhanced quality education. Teaching & learning without boundaries.


For Lecturers - be more efficient

  1. Manage your students efficiently no matter how many courses you are handling.
  2. Still handle the normal academic activities you know but with the right tool.
  3. Increase student learning interest and participation.
  4. Assess students while exposing them to learning.
  5. Teach with updated materials of international standards.
  6. Track learning progress in real time.

For Students - learn with ease

  1. Easy course management.
  2. Collaborate with other students.
  3. Keep up communication with your course lecturers.
  4. Conform to academic integrity as a global student.
  5. Track your learning goals.

For Management - improve standards

  1. Save cost of developing, deploying & managing robust educational technology platform.
  2. Improve your institution's reputation as a technology driven institution such as ranking and students choice option.
  3. Seamlessly manage activities between lecturers and students real time.
  4. Stay relevant in the delivering quality education.

Cool facts you need to know

Our platform supports a blended learning model which combines the power of online and in-person features.






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